Thursday, 19 February 2009

Yvette Cooper to "stop Harman"?

Now that is a turn up for the books.

Asking us to accept Yvette as an alternative to Harman is a false dichotomy too far.

It is like being threatened with having to muck out a dog kennel with your bare hands and then someone running up cheerily with the alternative - to muck out the cat cages instead. And the cats have the squits. 


Both of these USELESS people have been utterly destructive to the Nation for over a decade. I would not trust them to grab their own backsides using both hands in broad daylight with the use of a mirror*. Yvette seems incapable of answering questions, listening or communicating in a sensible way. I don't care if she appears clever - she might be the smartest person in the room, but look at the others in that room (the cabinet)!

In some ways it would be interesting to have a 2 Ball race, or a race with two Balls in it at least. Would make a change. Maybe that is the real agenda here - Mrs Balls acts to help secure the post for Mr Balls.

Personally, I think the up-coming election failure for Labour will see a split, or should I say Social Democrats going to the LibDems and Labour becoming more openly Socialist again.

* that might suggest that I consider Harman to be potentially even more stupid than Cooper, but I shall not comment on that one.

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