Thursday, 12 February 2009

Chris Huhne is no Liberal.

He supports the ban on Geert Wilders, the chap who created the film "Fitna".

As far as I can tell, Mr Wilders has not asked for the death of any group or individual. He may say things that others find objectionable, but then that would apply to the entire Labour Cabinet!

Huhne clearly cares not for Freedom of Speech, nor for the Rule of Law, yet was aiming to the leader of the Liberal Democrats. I doubt he was speaking on R4 today without some backing from Nick the Clegg.

Considering the discussions, below, isn't it high time that the LibDems dropped the term "Liberal"? As we know, "democrat" just means you support Tyranny of the Masses, so the label is theirs to embrace if they wish. They are in truth Social Democrats at best. Far too quick and comfortable to use State power to impose their opinions.

The Libertarian Party takes a very strong stance with regards to Fraud and misrepresentation. The Liberal Democrats are in danger of committing misrepresentation.

UPDATE: Huhne on C4 just now. He *almost* used justification that Geert himself was in danger but also blustered that in some way minorities might be targeted because he would be entering the country. Utter codswallop. No, he was banned I suspect, as otherwise it would make certain people bust a vessel and/or organise their own civil disruption not in support, but against - i.e. he was kept out because others would protest and the Police incapable, it seems of properly responding to Islamist* behaviour, would not be capable of maintaining law and order.

* i.e. not Muslim.


Vindico said...

My considered analysis here -

Henry North London said...

They are the fusion of the SDP and the Liberals after all

SDP seems to have taken over anyway