Sunday, 22 February 2009

Gordon Brown: Tries to ban 100% Mortgages.

If you listen very carefully, you will hear the sound of a bolt being slid into place.

The horse has long gone, but we are now trapped inside.

The man is a control-freak and a stranger to reason. He is still banging on for Supra-national control in Berlin in their "pre G20" bean feast.

Where is our "Ship's Doctor" to certify the Captain madded?


Henry North London said...

You called for a doctor?

Henry North London

liz said...

Re: Vavasseur/Eryl Management Ltd ponzi fraud - traces back to FSA and James Crosby / HBOS running it

I'm Liz Watson from the 'ONE VOICE' group. Can you help us expose the truth in your blogs and articles in the Media ? I did a search on the internet, and it seems you have written some good articles. Below the first email is a letter that I sent to the Treasury Chairman, John McFall, earlier this month. You will see how we've been caught in a "revolving door syndrome" and "Justice" has so far been placed out of our reach. Please see an email prepared by an Investigative journalist (Ian Fraser) for a TV channel program producer recently, regarding my Case, which sums things up very well:-

"The latest summary email from Liz Watson, founder of the One Voice Action Group is pasted below. One of the aims of ONE VOICE is to hound HBOS and other complicit parties in the $240 million Vavasseur "boiler room" Ponzi fraud including Dutch bank Fortis into returning money stolen from UK-based investors. In certain cases the banks were directly complicit in the fraud - either by encouraging customers to invest in it or through the facilitation of money laundering of through the retention of stolen cash. Another goal of ONE VOICE is to ensure that the banks and people responsible, who she strongly believes include Sir James Crosby, are bought to justice.

In 2007-08, this UK version of Bernie Madoff briefly hit the headlines after it was the subject of a seven-month trial in which two accountants named Gangar and White of the accountancy firm Dobb White were "scapegoated" (in Liz's view) to ensure that bigger players including HBOS, Fortis, etc off the hook.

She was a vital witness in that case and will tell you how she was instructed by the Prosecution (SFO) that she was unable to utter the name HBOS in the court! There is strong evidence to suggest that the FSA and the SFO are both complicit in the cover-up and 'scapegoating' of the accountants - who are very unlikely to have been able to have masterminded the complex fraud on their own.

Gangar and White each got seven years each for conspiracy to defraud and conspiracy to corrupt. I'm not sure if they're going to be to speak to us since they are both currently in jail. If it's true that they were made the scapegoats so that players like Crosby could be let off the hook, this would be typical of the FSA and other UK regulatory authorities which are considered by many to have been "captured" by big business including banks in recent years. There certainly seems to be a pattern of scapegoating the little guys and letting the real crooks off the hook, a pattern which has repeated itself countless times throughout the credit bubble.

You can read a blog I wrote about this sort of thing here Have the regulators become aiders and abetters of financial crime.

You can find an Accountancy Age story on the trial of Gangar and White here , and a Times one here . And here is one from AA on their sentencing. A much better article from the US publication can be found here .

Hope this at least gives a flavour of what appears to have gone on.

Liz lives near Bournemouth and her contact details are below

Fax: 01202 532722

Best regards,


Ian Fraser
Financial Journalist

From: Elizabeth Watson
Date: 5 February 2009 04:39:56 GMT
Subject: ONE VOICE news: SENT TO TREASURY: Government organised crime ? Please do something constructive !

FAO: John McFall
Chairman - Treasury

Mr. McFall,


Please afford me the courtesy of a response, sent to you almost 4 months ago - please see below. Underneath that is the latest critical summary, containing new 'findings' and information about this Case, summarised for your urgent attention. This will not go away by ignoring it. It will only escalate, the longer you ignore it, and the consequences could prove fatal for the Treasury if this matter continues to be 'pushed under the carpet' and left, to fester. There are too many of us who have been robbed, and too much money that has been stolen, because of the entire 'System' failing us. You clearly have no idea the intensity of suffering being experienced by the victims of this 'White Collar Crime', extended and compounded over the past 7 years, whose plight continues.

We the creditors are aware that the majority of our stolen money has been appropriated back into the Treasury, courtesy of the Banking Cartel running (and wrecking) the global "economy", striving to "make the unworkable, workable" amidst the worst Depression in the history of man, and to preserve their Totalitarian paradigm - dependent on a dishonest Monetary System, where 95% of the world's assets are owned by less than 5% of its' people. Given the 'loop' the Treasury has set up with the Bank of England's privatisation in the late 1970's (BOEN company No: 1307478), and given the shortage of liquid funds within the banking system - currently leveraged to nearly 6 times the true value of the UK economy at £1.5 Trillion, we understand how this Systemic (involuntary?) failing has come about.

Given that the SFO, prosecuting this Case, have consistently blocked the creditors from accessing or even getting close to any form of restitution or "Justice" by denying us (and even the UK Receivers) access to the forensic reports, audit statements, and preventing all investigation into the role of Scott's and HBOS within the Fraud as a whole, as well as denying us all any recognised status as rightful 'Vavasseur' claimants (and ignoring the US Receivers misfeasance and maladministration in this regard), we think it's a priority that you should know this:

i.e. that it is material to the Course of Justice that the SFO and the FSA have ignored vital evidence against HBOS, Sir James Crosby's St James' Place, and John Dryburgh of 'Scott's", who provided the 'nexus' for the Operational centre of this Boiler House Scheme (see below). Indeed, focusing on and exposing this 'crux' would cause the "House of cards", to collapse entirely. Such that, only now do I understand why the SFO tactically used John Dryburgh as a "witness" for the Prosecution (assisted by the FSA who, with the ' big boss Crosby' in power, whose "bank" conflictingly benefitted from Dryburgh's £200million turnover per annum business, let him off virtually scot-free despite clear evidence of his glaring criminality), and shockingly, the SFO were even coaching witnesses at the criminal Trial, breaching Crown Rules and warning us that we could not mention "HBOS" under any circumstances, with the threat of being asked to discontinue giving evidence. As vital witnesses, my family members can testify sworn affadavits to this (it made no sense at the time as to why). Their QC James Curtis even shouted 'STOP!' when the issue of HBOS fund-raising the ponzi using our home was raised, despite the fact it was true, and despite the fact the Bank wrote into the loan contract that the money had to be used for the "investment" they had recommended to us, and was to be "held to the bank's order by Dobb White" (a company which the FSA liquidated in December 2002), despite all involved parties knowing full well that all moneys went into the Vavasseur US-controlled ponzi scheme - because they were moving it there ! Does this mean that the conviction against Gangar and White may therefore be required to undergo a Judicial Review and re-hearing, with all the new (and true) information brought in from ALL those involved bringing influence to the success of the Fraud, both directly and indirectly (including James Crosby) ? We hope so, because this is the only way the Truth can be brought out from 'hiding' and restitution and RICO compensation paid to the victims: please note, given the criminal convictions on 'both sides of the pond', and given, therefore, that the creditors are entitled to RICO damages, this is in excess of a one billion dollar case.

Can you tell me, has the Complaints Commissioner for the FSA, Sir Anthony Holland, sent you a copy of his latest letter to me, of today ? We, the victims of this financial White Collar Crime in the "Vavasseur/EML" Scheme, seem to have yet again, drawn a 'blank', as he is explaining he simply does not have the powers nor the remit, to help us. He has said the matter must be reverted back to you, and that we need to go to the Law. Please help me here: how are we supposed to get the necessary funding to go through the Courts and legal System, when we are entirely left to depend on the 'mercy' of litigation Funding, and yet, all Litigation Funders are unable to provide funds if we are acting against the FSA - because they are 'regulated' by them ! and they claim they are "conflicted" because of this ? It is a 'catch 22'. So it is plain to see, things are set up very cleverly in favour of the light-touch 'regulators' the FSA, as with "a loop". Is this mere coincidence, or intentional ? We would like to believe the former, but alas, fear it is the latter. Crime pays the FSA in the UK, at the expense of the innocent. Do you now concur ?

I wait to hear from you at the absolute earliest.

Liz Watson
Founder - ONE VOICE action group

Further information....
I'd be interested to exchange information with you on the current global banking crisis, crippling all businesses, industry, and the People. After reading this, please let me know if you'd like any more specific information on the vitally important topics raised. I'd welcome the opportunity to speak with you on this, too.

I've had some Shocking realisations about our global financial problem...

I'm especially keen to know if you would like to work with me to expose the 'root cause' of the Banking Cartel, which is a global problem, not just restricted to individual countries, stemming from the World Bank and a dishonest Monetary System across the board. I hope what I've written below will help to throw some light on what seems to be happening simultaneously, the world over, because this same System is now self-destructing, and it is up to us, the People, to put a stop to these goings on.

Have you considered how strange it is that the politicians, as if mesmerised by some strange 'force', are thinking totally "inside the box" and using bail out after bail out but repeatedly failing, yet expect a different result to a worsening problem ? Worse still, do you agree it is very odd how our governments are now (alarmingly) pushing now for a Global 'financial regulator' namely the IMF, to have "increased powers", when they are the ones who got us in to this mess in the first place ? They did this because the Monetary system is a fundamentally flawed / fraudulent and dishonest System, built on issuing money as "debt". It relies on leveraging this debt, to survive ! Methinks "I smell a rat".

"A house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure permanently half-slave and half-free. I do not expect the Union to be dissolved - I do not expect the house to fall - but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing or all the other." Lincoln's 'House-Divided' Speech in Springfield, Illinois, June 16, 1858.

I know it's been 'said' many times, but have you truly contemplated how strange it is that 97% of the world's assets are controlled by less than 3% of the 6 billion world population ? Isn't it very harrowing how the Rothschilds have over £125 trillion of assets, and the rest of us (in alarmingly increasing numbers) are complaining of having our assets removed by stealth, from a System that is collapsing around our ears and no longer serves the Common Man...? Why are we all trying to fix the problem with the very Mindset that created it ? Namely, resisting change, serving traditions, condoning fascism, encouraging Marxist 'political correctness' even in telling us what we can and cannot think, (ruthlessly 'ruling' us under the guise called 'Terrorism"), putting protocol before Justice, leaving the standards, stagnating and putrefying ? And why is no one yet pointing the finger at the unthinkable failings of the UK equivalent to the SEC, namely the Financial Services Authority when they are supposed to be the Regulators for the banks and financial Industry ? YET, in Truth, both the SEC and the FSA (who even share a Cooperation Agreement), have become little more than enablers of criminality to unprecedented levels, so why is no one saying it how it is ? Most continue to look at their scapegoats, who have been framed for their own ends. Our politicians spend endless hours debating the 'effects' instead of looking at the 'Cause' of this ridiculous, and completely avoidable, global financial crisis.

"Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail; without it nothing can succeed." The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln edited by Roy P. Basler, Volume III, "Lincoln-Douglas Debate at Ottawa" (August 21, 1858), p. 27.


For my part, we've been caught up in a huge ponzi fraud, like a mini-Madoff, and have exhausted every bureaucratic 'complaints procedure' in this country (UK) these past 7 years to try to reach for Justice: not only is it priced out of reach of the common man exacerbated by having our money cleaned out (with London lawyers charging some 70 times the average wage in Britain), but far, far worse: it is self-evident to me now, after 6 long years, that it is a rigged set up, and is nothing more than a series of 'revolving doors'. There is a 'wheel of corruption' in the UK and US governments. We and 400 others, have had our lives turned upside down by what can only be described as 'SYSTEMIC FRAUD', aided and abetted by the FSA and the SEC. This is why I have set up 'ONE VOICE' Group, to help equilibrate this same craziness that has settled as being the 'status quo' which serves only the minority, not the masses.

To echo Mandela's words, I am passionate about 'being the change that I want to see" in bringing forward and catalysing into being, an honest Monetary System - whatever it takes (and I'm sure it will take an almighty shove from the present set up). The fact it is global, rather gives the game away. Yes, I did say "game" ! Being an advocate of "thinking outside the box" to solve the problem with a different Mindset to the one that created it in the first place, I explore all avenues and I am a competent and highly successful investigator, (i've discovered) these past 5 years. Maybe it's in my genes ! (my great grandfather was reputed to be a great detective, but was stabbed in the back in Burma aged 39 in an opium raid, perhaps he reincarnated through me ?)

What I DO know is that everything is 'cause and effect' and everything begins with a thought and belief-systems. it is a creative Universe. Our 'outer world' is suffering much as we all look on, and bear witness, but it is the 'inner world' that has created this mess. It started with mind. So we must go back there. Now it is reaching a critical peak with a build up of fear or something on the level of Collective is going in to self-destruct mode. But there is much 'sacrifice' from the innocents, and much avoidable suffering in the process of this all happening, as we all know to our cost. Only the gravitational thought-patterns self-destruct, not the thoughts that reach to ever higher and higher levels of understanding, Wisdom, Grace, accountability, and performance. The current outpicturing parallels our current financial Armageddon, but it could be reversed, with strategic planning and global awakening (in particular, reversing the 'lie' of "Terrorism", where the real terrorists are many of those in 'government' feeding this misinformation to the Masses). Note how disproportionate our 'surveillance systems' are to the actual need that is there, where the beleaguered police force are resorting to criminalising the motorist in the UK, running rackets in "cash for cameras" for new stealth measures, even refusing point blank to investigate real criminality and fraud, condoning widespread drug trafficking, and commonly engaging in policy brutality to assert their authority, such is the way they have been programmed.

"The will of God prevails. In great contests each party claims to act in accordance with the will of God. Both may be, and one must be, wrong. God cannot be for and against the same thing at the same time. In the present civil war it is quite possible that God's purpose is something different from the purpose of either party - and yet the human instrumentalities, working just as they do, are of the best adaptation to effect His purpose." The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln edited by Roy P. Basler, Volume V, "Meditation on the Divine Will" (September 2, 1862?), pp. 403-404.

We are all labouring under a delusionary 'political system' that is based on beliefs of separateness, warring and factions, ruled by Secret Societies,each man serving himself or his Agenda (or his 'Brotherhood' that built the Empire of Mammon provided through the Knights of Templar and the Illuminati), with a cultivated belief (illusion) in 'separation' being the antithesis of all human progress - the correction of this starts with cultivating self-government, awakening, taking our power back, growth, natural competition, raising standards and true team work. The reason the majority of civil servants are generally so incompetent is because they all stem from an "us and them" 'club mentality', following like sheep, and that club is the Freemasons, which has morphed over the years but which had origins from hundreds of years ago - anchored in ignorance, and belief systems that no longer serve Humanity.

The 'Illuminati' came in to being in 1776, made up of 13 elite families, Rothschild proved to be the 'survivor of the fittest' of those opportunists, leaving a legacy of reliance and teaching on ancient traditions which no longer serve - either themselves or anyone. Check it out for yourself. Don't take my words for it. All 'value' has been removed from the Monetary System, because "the love of money" has created 'wage slaves' and this same illusion took over "money as a fair means of exchange of value" many years ago, and it became a downward spiral. These Freemasons have created a "Brotherhood" which is the antithesis of true "brotherly love". It stems from the 'lower nature' of generic Man, and is about hierarchial control and ruling by ignorance, secrecy, and fear. To illustrate how our "playing field" has been distorted, they have specially designated lodges and chambers to perform their rituals in most council buildings etc, in the courts etc, ask any freemason who has defected. They are legion, and are living in delusion, which is why the masses are mostly controlled by the 'few', and without wishing to sound dramatic, many of them do not even understand that Freemasonry has its' roots in satanism - yet, we have to live with the consequences of this minority parading as the 'majority' because of the hierarchial structures in place, and the outpicturing of this consciousness in what we call our "world" especially our financial world, because of the way they have set things up: the Judicial System, the Education System, the Religious propoganda, the Media and Entertainment System....all fall far short of their "Higher Nature" potential.

The lesson of the Bernie Madoff ponzi Fraud still hasn't sunken in yet for most people: whilst a small minority of congressmen like Gary Ackerman in the USA are awake enough to challenge the SEC for being asleep at the wheel, It is highly odd why is no one yet pointing the finger at the FSA in the UK, when they are the Regulators and enablers of criminality to unprecedented levels ? The Americans have started whistle-blowing the SEC, it won't be long before they wake up over here, too. Bottom line ? there is a wheel of corruption within our government, and it has reached serious proportions of dysfunctionality.

To sum up where I am 'at' right now: here is a testimonial that a beautiful friend of mine wrote for me today; she is a great teacher and a great healer, and just won the Sunday Times 'bake out' competition with her "Love cake" from Lindsay Willcox:
"Dear Liz,
if no one has done so for a while, let me the person who thanks you.
I thank you for being such a vigilante in the face of all that is unjust about the world we live in today.
I wish to show you my gratitude for your courage and bravery, the long hours of toil that you put in every day and night to accomplish the right to be heard ~ one voice for the many who have lost their voice.
Let me congratulate you on being the maveric who stands tall and proud in the face of all that opposes her right to free speech.
And lastly let me just say what a privilage it is to know you and be your list of personal freinds and acquaintances. I admire you as a mother, a wife and a woman in this ever changing world of 2009.
Love from Lindsay. x"

I have complete committment to the Cause of Truth, to bring in an honest Monetary System with independent Regulation, and an honest Judicial System that raises the bar. Currently we have many top Judges who are 'bent' who are part of this 'Brotherhood Mason network' and the dominant "Old Boys Club" in the UK at this time does not serve the Common Man - generally making the prospect of pursuing this version of "Justice", almost futile. I invite anyone who would like to join with me in accomplishing this meritorious Cause, to step up to the plate, and would welcome hearing from you. Meanwhile, below is an email I recently sent to Paul Moore's barrister (Paul Moore the whistlblower against HBOS who used to work in their Risk section)....I haven't enclosed the summary as it is lengthy, but this gives the gist.

"Dear Mr. Hamilton,

Following Paul Moore's honesty and commendable stance in being a 'whistleblower' on HBOS' wrong-doing in order to uphold the Public Interest, I was pleased to speak with you today, and hope that the natural synergy between our mutual interests, can yield fruit and yield positive results for us both. Please thank Paul Moore personally from me, for all he is doing to help the Cause of Justice. Invicta.

I apologise about the length of the information below, which I have summarised as best I can, but hope you can appreciate what an impossible task it is to condense 7 years of complexity into a comprehensible precis, without risking losing the meaning and important aspects by cutting it too much. My family have lost a total of £1.7 million, of which about £500k was made up of HBOS borrowings, to this 'government-run' ponzi scheme. We are amidst 400 creditors, at least 20% of which were HBOS borrowers, enticed to invest in the Scheme, who have collectively lost ITRO $250 million. With RICO damages (since this was a fraud originated in the USA, with convictions on both sides of the pond), it is therefore at least a billion dollar Case. That's if we can ever get it into a Court that is not conflicted, either (see below).

It should be borne in mind this fraud has already lead to fines and consequences for four of those involved (out of about 20), aside from HBOS themselves. BUT the proceeds of the stolen funds are still within the Banking 'black hole', which has been actively covered up. Sophisticated techniques have been used to divert Justice and restitution from being obtained, to date, with the effect of grinding down the average person such that many have given up hope. The victims cannot get an FSA investigation or compensation from the proceeds that have been seized (amount remains unknown). You may see why FSA did not investigate. Sir James Crosby was heavily involved, with his 'footprints' all over the 'Vavasseur/EML' fraud, so as FSA deputy he prevented an investigation. This should be checked out, and provided it is conducted independently and with honesty, it will send shock waves through the world. It is about misuse of power. Only a government could master-mind a Fraud as conniving and sophisticated, as this one, and only a government could have ensured its' success in the way that this one has succeeded, to date. The FSA is funded by the banks and run by the banks, for the banks, so nothing changes. This is not effective regulation. "SAFE" Organisation (Struggle Against Financial Exploitation) are making this a campaigning point for genuine independent regulation. The problem doesn't end with the FSA though - there is an entire 'wheel' within our government, of corruption, steered by the Banking Cartel and Lord Rothschild himself (who took over the Bank of England in 1977 when it was secretly privatised, and sold for two nominee shares "BOEN" to give Rothschild supreme (hidden) control - we have the Companies House number for this).

This wheel is being 'protected' by the likes of the FSA, the SFO, the Commissioners, the FOS the Judicial system (for the most part, also tainted by an 'unfair playing field' because of limited access to funds, and so rendered just 'out of our reach'), the police and above all, the Fat Cat bankers and Banking Cartel 'behind the scenes' of it all. The latter have ensured they have 'ring-fenced' themselves, using Gordon Brown and his Cabinet as their 'puppets', governed by the Freemasonry hierarchy, so that any attempt to access "justice" sends everything round in a cleverly run, loop. In other words, we are caught in a treadmill of corruption, and they have seized our money into this "systemised money-gobbling machine" called 'Banking". We all know the 'why'....because their ruthlessness in trying to survive and continue their unworkable paradigm, is as desperate as their shortage of liquid funds that are needed to keep the fraudulent Banking System the 'square root' problem of "money as debt', ever worsens. Is anyone prepared and ready to 'stop the bleeding' ? If they do, it will benefit the world, not just UK."

In sincerity and Truth, Liz Watson
Founder - ONE VOICE Group

"We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave to every living heart and hearthstone all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature." Lincoln's First Inaugural Address, March 4, 1861.