Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Fusion Power: Horizon Disappoints

The latest edition of Horizon disappointed. No mention of IEC Fusion.

That said, the programme was spot on in a number of important ways.

We had the H-bomb, the  Z machine, Laser Fusion, JET and a proto ITER. 

It was good in that it albeit subtly exposed the reality that all the so-called "alternatives" really are incapable of replacing fossils because of the scale that would be needed to replace our energy consumption. Now, I know some Econazis want us to return to one bath a decade, hemp clothes and living in a mud hut on the banks of the Danube with only 500,000 people on the planet, but they are going to have go attempt to reproduce themselves and the horse they rode in on. It did rather pull the punch, as I do think so many people really need it slapped around their face before they snap out of the collective delusion of "weenoobles".

The ending was quite correct - the energy crisis is over if we really want it to be.

I do have a nagging doubt that the presenter, Prof Brian Cox, is a little too familiar with the State teat that is ITER. 

As we have heard in the past, the rumour is that the Tokamak, which is what ITER-esque Fusion machines are, was a cruel joke played upon the world by the Soviet scientists, as "its no damn good". It is also very expensive indeed. You know, CERN expensive.

IEC for me just makes sense. ITER is highly radioactive and requires all manner of nasty things like molten lithium shielding. IEC not so, being, IIRC, electromagetically contained, not just magnetically.

Still, the real message got out - fund Fusion, not ringtones. Hell, ol Slackjaw has thrown away £100bln this year on the Banks. Just think what that could get is if used as a series of PRIZES for successful Fusion milestones. Not funding, but prizes. Get people competing.

So, Prof Brian Cox, can we get some exposure for IEC next time?

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