Monday, 16 February 2009

Is Gordon going to bite?

I see that there are rumours that Brown is being tempted to head up the New World Order One World Government International Financial Regulatory Body which he has been crapping on about and hinting for months.

Brown is a Marxist. He has Internationalism and Monopoly in his DNA. He covets the very existence of such a monstrosity, let alone the opportunity of running the show. This is a very tempting offer for him. I always thought he was aiming to wreck the UK and hop to some sinecure if the men in white coats did not get him first. 

However, such a body will be the end of freedom and any hope of further mass prosperity for mere mortals outside of the Nomenklatura. Not only will we have to endure Nationalisation, over regulation, stifling protectionism and diverting resources to half-arsed eco/community projects and special interests, I suspect Gordon will end up pushing for a per-transaction tax and thus, oh-so-conveniently, demand the end of note and coin. Everything we do will be tracked, monitored, assessed for potential criminality (which we will have to explain in contravention of Rule of Law) and sold on to Marketeers who will pester us with their garbage.

So, Gordon to head up the very entity he has had a near masturbatory obsession over, or once he is utterly crushed at the Election, left with Snotseekers Allowance. 

I wonder which route he will take.

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