Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Purnell entrenching Corporatism, Fascism

Iain Dale has just been to listen to little boy James Purnell, MP, DWP oleagenate in chief over at the Cabinet War Rooms (how apt) blathering on about privatisation in the Welfare State.

The real problem with the way it will be privatised is that it will end up as a private monopoly running a State concession. Witness how the Sure Start initiative rapidly moved from local plurality to large monopolistic contracts by faceless corps. Witness how "polyclinics" are large enough to be a de facto monopoly and force out a plurality of GP surgeries.

This is the intention. Private companies operating a monopoly do not care much about making the people happy, just about making the Government happy. Their eager little faces pointed towards the State, like chicks in the nest with their beaks open.

It is about control. It is about nice contracts, sinecures, consultancies. Influence.

It is a breeding ground for corruption.

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