Saturday, 21 April 2007

H.G. Wells was not always right...

In "The Time Machine". H.G. Wells foretold a future with two kinds of people. One was the Eloi; small, slight, pretty, passive and ignorant. They were simultaneously fed and preyed upon by the hard-working, brutish, ugly technocratic Morlocks who lived underground with their machines. The Eloi were the sheep.

In this I think Mr Wells has already been proven wrong, unless we do something dramatic. Right now, today, with the connivance of the State we are living in a world with seemingly two kinds of people. It is the ignorant, violent and lazy who live off, prey upon and terrorise the hard working and industrious taxpayers who are themselves being engineered into Sheep by the State who sits in the middle, pimping via the Welfare State apparatus.

The State and the Statists, their lakeys, lickspittles and functionaries are becoming the technocratic, brutal yet, in a certain way, ignorant group. They are ignorant of history, specifically native British and Classical history which teaches how and more importantly WHY Britain and the British system evolved the way it did for the betterment of its citizens as a whole. They know not why things worked so well and thus have no idea what the baby is, let alone be capable of not throwing it out with the bathwater. They are more interested in dogma and control, it seems.

I am sure that, underneath all their spin, they, or at least their subconscious, knows they are wrong. The feelings of self-loathing might go away, they think, if only they could remove all traces of that which reveals their error. Banish the light, so that their grotesqueness can be concealed.

In this is why I have feelings of comfort in people like Boris Johnson. He might not be a perfect individual, yet he understands where our society has come from and why things work or worked well.

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