Monday, 23 April 2007

Interesting cynicism over the Mental Health Bill

Fabian Tassano has some interesting, if seemingly at first glance, cynical, views in regard to changes in regard to Mental Health. I think he is not far wrong and the cynicism is healthy.

I see echos in Welfarism and Law and Order in general, as I suspect Fabian does, given that he attaches the definition of "Liberty" from his book Mediocracy, to this article. The definition is one to which I strongly concur. It is an example of the Sociofascists breaking something that works so they can "fix" it to further their dogma. Still broken, of course.

I believe there is a link between the fact that we rely on the (faceless, disconnected) State monolith to be source of the cure or resolution and the erratic, unpredicatble results of said intervention.

This is not a request for the State to become more involved or closer, as I do not believe it ever can or should, rather that informal links, organisations and relations may be less unsuccessful. As in so many things, we are often only able to make the least worst choice. Yes, society fails its members on occasion, but it may well fail them less often than the State ever could.

The ability for dysfunction to be fed and nurtured in society is similar to the body's desire to feed a tumour, even at the expense of healthy tissue - and look where that leads. We need to stop the ability for the State to force taxpayers to pay for multi-generational dysfunction both in cash and environmental terms.

At some stage I may expand on the "Tumour Theory of Welfarism"

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