Friday, 13 April 2007

Who is upside-down?

I see more common sense from Australia, which is considering refusing entry to people with HIV. This is utterly sensible. The bleating and bleeding hearts will wail, gnash and beat their chests at the "cruelty" but it has to occur otherwise a country with a free and well funded heathcare system will be and, frankly, IS a magnet for sufferers to pitch up.

I do not blame those who do. I repeat: I do not blame those who do. If I were in Africa and suffering from HIV and knew the UK would flim flam and then crumble, I'd be on the first rusty hulk over here. It is natural, but that does not mean we should accept it. Right now it is the UK that has upside-down concepts courtesy of the "love me, oh stranger!" self-loathing brigade.

The easiest way is to enforce a basic heath screening "airside" for anyone applying for Asylum. HIV, TB and other diseases should be checked for. In fact, I have long held the view that Asylum must be applied for at the immediate landfall and "airside", i.e. before formally entering the country. Any other form - smuggling in via a truck or visiting friends for a good old look-see and "application training" - should mean instant refusal.

Firm but fair.

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