Monday, 2 April 2007

School Leaving Age Raised to 67 Pt2...

School leaving age raised to 67...then you are on your own!

Following on from my previous post, there has been some talk about the need for some compulsory education as a means to undermine the libertarian arguments against raising it (it exists already, so why the concern etc).

Well, the orgininal purpose of compulsory education was "to prevent young children being sent out to work".

Seeing as many people are (or is that now "were" due to NewLabour infantilisation?) quite fit for work at 14, let alone 16, the need to make education compulsory has a new purpose:

"to prevent young people being (recorded as) unemployed."

Typical NeueArbeit in that they utterly misunderstand what needs to be done.

Schooling should be there to prevent people being UNEMPLOYABLE, something this government has totally failed to do. And btw, don't be fooled by the stats regarding "5 or more GCSEs", as some GNVQs are recorded as the equivalent to 5 GCSEs. Lets see the numbers excluding GNVQs and my guess is it will paint a very different and tragic picture.

Now you can see why NeueArbeit refuses to accept such an idea that schooling is to prevent unemployability - for the solution would be to abandon their dogma surrounding education, that of equality/dumbing down and a "one size f's all" curriculum chock full of wiggle room in the form of "course work".

CourseWork scores should be published separately from exam grades. Cat, meet the pigeons.

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