Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Sea Sickness

Both Samizdata and The Devil have covered the vomit-inducing steaming pile of sopping wet nappies also known as "Who Moved My CryPod?", i.e. Arthur Batchelor's bleating story about his capture.

And the MoD purposely let this trash out the door?

A systematic attempt to discredit, destabilise and undermine the Armed Forces seems the only rational explanation but hey, we are under NeueArbeit, so anything is possible.

Court Martial. Nothing more, nothing less. The RN should be UTTERLY ashamed at this. I am VERY disappointed indeed.

p.s. what the HECK was someone doing taking an iPod on a search patrol? No wonder they were taken by surprise when they had their ears blasted by Coldplay.

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