Thursday, 20 November 2008

BNP Membership List

Funny if someone got a copy of this list, added in the family members of various Labour cabinet members, MPs etc and re-posted it online to filter through the system.

Now, that might light a fire under the arses of those Authoritarians who think we have nothing to fear, yet have ultimate faith that when "Der compoo'er sez no" it means no.

UPDATE: It seems a number of Lefties are licking their lips at the prospect of this list. I also hear that the list has indeed been compromised. So when one of those woolly-headed fascists (yep, lefties) think they have some right to intimidate or "out" someone, they might find they are attacking an innocent person. The leaking of the membership list has shown the Left to contain some very Fascist elements. And why not? Socialism is just what Fascism was before it realised you could not motivate people via "revolution" and it was better to co-opt the private sector and stitch up control of the "means of production" by "outsourcing". Today, it is called PFI.

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