Saturday, 8 November 2008

Trevor Phillips is at it again.

Hot on the heels of my suggestion, below, that Hazel is softening up the electorate for a Quota system in Parliament, race ricebowler-in-chief Trevor "Phillips has yet again stepped up to the mike to evacuate the contents of his highly polished bonce on the issue so dear to his mortgage payments heart.

He states that a British Barak Obama is unlikely. Well, a British Libertarian is unlikely in the short term, also, due to the same system. If anything, the more Libertarians, the more likely we will get a Black PM, for Libertarianism is all about equality and individuality. If it is about race, class, gender then it is is not actually about any of those things, but "difference", and that, my friend, is tilting at windmills. Asking people to stop selecting people they feel comfortable with? You might as well take their right to vote away, and this is my point and Trevor's lack of point.

As for Black only shortlists:
Mr Phillips went on to say that he opposed all-black shortlists for parliamentary candidates because it would be difficult to define "black" or to decide where they should be imposed, but he said action was needed by all parties.
I.e., he only opposes them because it is hard to define, not because of any issues of discrimination. Note: positive or negative, discrimination is discrimination.

You can see where this is heading, though. Quotas. Mr Phillips cannot pin it down to just racism or anything hard, yet is complaining about...something. Quotas legitimise the notion that somehow a white person cannot represent a black person and vice versa, which is, frankly, absurd. Quotas will be a step towards removing the very concept of a free vote.

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