Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Harman: Bare Faced Deception

On C4 news today, Harriet Harman deliberately misled the audience.

Talking about prostitution and people trafficking, she spoke of 80% of women found in brothels are coming, brought in, from abroad. The term "brought in", used in a context of a discussion about trafficking? Well, those 80% are NOT trafficked except in a very few exceptions according to Niki Adams from the English Collective of Prostitutes. I think she would know what she is talking about. Fact is there have been hardly any evidence for trafficking, but then the law currently does not require any evidence, even if the women in question do not say they have been trafficked! Niki says most women rescued from traffickers have been done so by their friends - other prostitutes. Considering even approaching the Police means criminal action and/or deportation, that is no surprise.

To be frank here, I have a feeling that Harman KNOWS the facts. Maybe she has chosen to blind herself to them, for it does not fit the twisted world she has projected onto the inside of her very empty cranium. Or has she? I think she has not yet fully blinded herself, for you can see she used the term "brought in" but half back-peddled just a tad. Maybe that was an attempt to worm herself out of the blatant deception she was performing on live television in a mainstream, prime time interview. I do not know. Regardless of the pedantry, Harman clearly wished to make the audience think that 80% of women were immigrants trafficked in and working against their will, i.e. slaves. That would be a lie.

Her behaviour is such that I would not be surprised if Prostitutes would rather not consort with her, or be seen in her company. Prostitutes make an honest living, if only they were not criminalised. They do not pretend to be anything other than what they are, unless the client actually wants to suspend their reason and reality for the purposes of the transaction. Harman is not gaining consent from those who are the subject of her deception. How can such a person continue to be a lawyer or Lord Privy Seal?

Harriet Harman is known as a stranger to reason, but this new travesty of a law takes the biscuit. Prejudiced is a word for this. Moralistic. Spiteful. Sexist, even. Right up her street.

The Libertarian Party shall legalise prostitution. It will certainly not legalise trafficking, for that is coercion. Prostitutes will be able to operate safely, off the streets in brothels organised as they see fit. With legal brothels containing consenting women, it will be all the more obvious if a place is one containing trafficked women.

Yet again New Labour clings to outdated and dysfunctional dogma. Socialism and, in this case, Feminist spite and unreason.

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