Tuesday, 25 November 2008

VAT 'cost': Hold on one cotton-pickin' minute...

They say VAT will "cost us" £12.5bln p.a.

IIRC the EU collects VAT revenues.

People had said that the EU would not "allow" Gordon* to cut VAT for the above reason.

Gordon is cutting VAT.

We are told the cut will cost us...Non-sequitur?

Maybe not. Maybe the above adds up with one additional suggestion - Gordon, Town Clerk of Britain, got the ok from his EU masters as long as the UK Treasury funded the difference between 17.5% and 15% and passed the full amount on to the EU. That is my suspicion.

* Dear Darling, stooge, front man. Toady. I actually feel sorry for you. Grow a pair and tell Gordon to shove his job. The population will admire and respect you for it. Resign. In a blaze of glory. History will never forget you. So the Lefties will hate you, but that will be a badge of honour. Trust me.


Obnoxio The Clown said...

Actually, as long as VAT is above 15%, the EU is happy. They will still get their 15%.

Roger Thornhill said...

So are you suggesting we only sent 15% to the EU while we had 17.5% locally?

SaltedSlug said...

The EU doesn't get all of it, they collect a 'percentage' (no idea how much); I do know it's the third largest contributor to our own governments coffers, so it's not all sent away.