Friday, 14 November 2008

Fencepost No. 10: Regional Ministers

We now see another step forward in the attempt to break up England as a Nation. I say "attempt", but a stronger word is needed for those performing this have been moving forward inexorably like fungi on a rotting oak.

We have seen the appointment of Regional Kommissars Ministers by Brown on the second day of his Premiership and the EU Constitution used to further the case without a peep from Cameron.

We have seen "proposals" to enable the Regions to take over income tax collection. If that is not a statement of intent for pseudo-sovereignty, I do not know what is. Just imagine the limitless capability for endless tea, biscuits and "travel expenses" that will occur when each Region fights over the divvying up of the revenue stream and to discuss, co-ordinate, liaise and fact find. Not to mention cover their arses over "safeguarding". 

Not everyone is happy over the plans, however.

I suspect some Soviets Regions will be demanding the transfer of revenue from one place to another and will haggle like crazy to form a clique with other parasitical Regions to push through deal after deal.

And we get some classic doublethink and unreason from the Harridan herself:
Commons leader Harriet Harman said the committees would "plug the accountability gap" and improve the scrutiny of regional health and economic development bodies with huge annual budgets.
Yes, Harriet, there was risk of some accountability, so you have plugged it up for good by giving these odious synthetic geographies credibility they have done NOTHING to deserve. Note how she mentions "huge annual budgets". Well, who gave them that huge annual budget without accountability, then, Harriet? What on EARTH do they provide, in reality? If you want to resolve the "accountability gap" and deal with "huge annual budgets" then CLOSE THE SCUMBAGS DOWN. Simple. And before anyone says anything, they will NOT be missed.

I did not agree to this treason, for that is what it is.

One day this government will get its Ceau┼čescu Moment.

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