Friday, 27 July 2007

EU Constitution: Treason revealed

The Devils Kitchen writes a good piece uncovering the treasonous nature of the EU Constitution Treaty. In a nutshell, it means ministers must place the EU first, the citizens second and the Nation third.

This has been clear to me for a long time. Regions will be used to bribe the pompous amateurs of the local and county councils. New ministers are already appointed for this task and have been since the second day of Brown's maladministration. The sparkling beads of Devolution have already bewitched the Welsh and Scots. Oh, how they must laugh at them back at Childcatcher Central the EU Commission.

Even Cameron is massaging the Tory party so it can remain "kosher" in the EU, which will soon outlaw political parties that are not aligned to a pan-European grouping that signs up to the concept of the EU in all its forms.

People are being frog-boiled and I think stupor has set in.

Right now, only UKIP is not acting like an outright traitor to the Nation. The biggest traitor of them all I think is Cameron, for they are not tearing into the detail and implication of the treaty, just wanting a vote - how can they be asking for a vote without articulating the implications? I almost wonder if they want the referendum to be a "yes", so it will be buns for tea with no guilt. Scumbags!

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Phil A said...

Yes, you are absolutely correct.

The thing that galls me, to the point of frustrated rage, is that there appears to be little that anyone who objects to being sold down the river can do…