Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Organs, Statism and disingenuous BBC wordmangling.

The march of the Napoleonic forces continues. Now it is the turn of the Chief Medical Officer , Sir Liam Donaldson, to recommend that people should no longer have sovereignty over their bodies, but suggests that the State should give the option to opt out of organ donation. Oh, thankee kindly, great Statan!

How dare they even suggest such a thing? How DARE they "presume" consent! I already have absolute title and possession over my body. It is ABSURD that the law can be changed to enable another to have a prior claim that I have to proactively overrule.

We have Dr Vivian Nathanson, the BMA’s head of science and ethics, moaning “We have exhausted all other ways of increasing the number of organs available”. Wrong. You have NOT had a decent sustained public awareness campaign for ages. I cannot recall the last time I saw something regarding organ donation that hit home. Dr Vivian Nathanson has capitulated and gone for the Statist, Napoleonic option. It is also the convenient (for her) option, which makes it all the more chilling, unprofessional and disreputable.

I suspect we will see organs taken against people's wishes because "there was not enough time to check" or "no record of an opt-out was on der com poo 'ah".

Dr Vivian Nathanson stated “We are now getting closer to a system of presumed consent,”. There, writ large for all to see and thus dispel any doubts as to is existence from their minds, is the Tyranny of the Masses. They want to own your ass because someone else is happy for theirs to be so taken. The details of organ donations pale into comparison to this and the issue of sovereignty over our own bodies. Surely such a ruling would be unconstitutional, as it presumes the State is sovereign over the individual, not its servant.

As a small note, the BBC coverage is a very sloppy attempt by someone lacking in critical reasoning. That, or they attempt to misrepresent the facts so as to promote their self-loathing Sociofascist agenda. It headlines "Everyone 'should donate organs'". Note the quotes. No, this is not about donation, nor is it about 'should'. The title should read "Everyone to have their organs taken". You cannot 'donate' something that is taken without consent (presumed does not count). 'Should' implies a spirit of recommendation or suggestion, which could not be further from the truth. BBC - shame on you. Again.

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