Thursday, 19 July 2007

BBC: Self-loathing Alien in our Midst.

The appalling treatment of The Queen and the spooning of responsibility to RDF§ provides yet more evidence that the BBC is chock full of self-loathers. With the scandals about phone-ins, it shows they have demagnetized their moral compasses, if they were ever magnetized in the first place.

Nothing short of a flame-thrower will resolve that.

I imagine being a Libertarian or Conservative in the BBC is like being one of the Marines in "Aliens" trying to rescue Newt. As many as you kill they keep on coming and Auntie Beeb sits deep in the bowels of Broadcasting House laying hundreds and thousands more of them.

"Game over, man...Game OVER!"

§ RDF, in Apple terms means "reality distortion field" - the one that envelopes Steve Jobs when he is in full flow.


Phil A said...

Absolutely. As soon as you think is is as bad as it's likely to be -it ramps up and gets worse!

And Peter Fincham still wont resign.

Anonymous said...
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Mark Wadsworth said...

Which political party will be the first to say, f*** this, we are going to scrap the TV licence and end State funding for the BBC?

And what sort of coverage will they get?

And how many votes will they get after that?

Phil A said...

Mark, I can't see it happening, not in the current political climate.