Sunday, 1 July 2007

Bombings: The Muppet Show Has Returned

Regardless of how sophisticated such people get over time, we need to ridicule and humiliate these hysterical, self-righteous, carpet-munching, book-burning muppets.

The chap yelling "Allah" must now feel a right Jessie. His god has abandoned him. There he is, after a failed attempt, trashed motor, no casualties but his own and now at risk of MRSA. Boy, I bet it stings. He has been systematically lied to, brainwashed, cheated, tricked and misled into this farcical blag that would put Zippy and Bungle to shame. The real shit-for-brains coward who cooked this "plot" up is likely never to risk his own well-stroked beard.

I would not be surprised if this chap, should he survive, realises his god was never with him, never supported his actions and so reverts to normality and rejects the Islamist lie.

UPDATE: No peep so far from the apologists and "community leaders". Still, I am sharpening my fisking cutlass in preparation...


Henry North London said...

You are so right. What Muppet thought these things through?

All it has done has struck more fear of getting more " temporary terror laws" in to the British populace.( which is unfortunately the outcome)

It is laughably stupid to try and ram raid an airport at 3.15 pm in broad daylight.( even if it was pissing it down with rain)

Unless the balance of your mind has been disturbed or you are so upset that normal conventions have been completely blown to bits if you pardon the expression.

Mark Wadsworth said...

'No peep so far from the apologists and "community leaders"'

There was one on BBC News 24, but he was surprisingly subdued, did not blame it all on Iraq War and Israel/Palestine.

I suppose problem is keeping a straight face.