Friday, 13 July 2007


Right now the three main parties are equally unappealing.

When asked which leader you prefer, right now, Fri 13th July 2007, for me it is Gordon Brown. The term "prefer" is not quite right, as it is really a form of least-worst - who is the least objectionable.

WHAT! You cry, has Roger gone mad?

To answer, I have my hamster/snake/alien argument. If you wanted a PM, which one would YOU choose? I know it is a false dilemma, but bear with me. UPDATE: Note that this does not imply I would ever VOTE for ANY of the three, least of all Brown.

A hamster is naive, trusting, weak and self-centred, if cuddly. Ming, basicially.
A Snake is quick, cold, often aggressive, secretive and dangerous, but a known quantity. Brown.
An Alien is mostly unknown. The veneer looks good and appears smooth, but when in power what on earth (or beyond) will happen? Cameron.

I think if you have any sense you would choose, like I did, the Snake. A hamster is a risk to itself and to us. A Snake is dangerous, but at least you roughly know in what way. It will defend itself though and is not to be taken lightly - and probably views the hamster as its next snack. The Alien is an unknown quantity - the worst kind, in fact. Many suspect, given recent behaviour, that under that mammalian exterior, a reptile lurks, not quite like the Snake, but with similar motives.

Right now, modern British Politics presents itself to us as this false dilemma - Hamster, Snake or Alien. It is an utterly absurd situation. It cannot go on like this. Something needs to give. A Libertarian party is so desperately needed.

If you think so too, then how about writing an essay on the subject and potentially win £1000 from the Libertarian Alliance?

I'm certainly going to give it a go!


Mark Wadsworth said...

Your best bet at the moment is UKIP, far and away the least-worst party.

Roger Thornhill said...

I just clarified that in no way does this mean I would VOTE for Brown!