Tuesday, 31 July 2007

More Points on the Graph of Statism pt.4 - Property Rights re Guesthouses

We are seeing an attempt to prevent business owners, specifically Guest House owners, who stays in their property and how. It aslo suggests a photographer who does not wish to do Gay Weddings takes up portraiture.


The Devil and Nation of Shopkeepers are doing a good job in a head-on assault on this Statist moonbattery.

This is a breach of property rights. It is not about "gays", nor is it about Muslims or Christians.

It is touted as increasing freedoms for people. New Labour has NOT increased freedom for people. All it is doing is aiming to give "rights". A MASSIVE difference.

Freedoms bring a responsibility on the individual so free not to use that freedom to impinge equal or superior freedoms.

Rights impose an obligation on a third party to enable that right. E.g. a right to welfare imposes the obligation on taxpayers to pay it.

Rights are often zero sum, while freedoms accumulate.

Here, the right to stay in a Guest House is made possible by making it an obligation for proprietors to have you stay. I say "have", not "allow", not "let". There is no "let" about it with this poisonous mindset. No choice. No freedom. The proprietor must have you. For the photographer, they are forced to take the pictures. Yes, forced, by the threat of imprisonment.

I must say that I have less than zero time for Muslims and Christians who are aggressively anti-gay. However, we are talking about their own businesses on their own property. If they were working at a State funded facility, the question would be altogether different, but we are not. The excuse of saying a property is "licensed" by the State is also not good enough either - a license is about saying something does not disobey regulations, NOT that it is "allowed" to operate - though I am sure Statists up and down the country will disagree. Again, a VERY important distinction as to the role of the State. In the UK it has long been there, along with the laws, to tell us what we cannot do, not what we are allowed to do, as in Europe.

Europe is all about "rights". In the UK, it has been, until recently, about freedoms. The EU Treaty is all about cementing this kind of perverse, Napoleonic hegemony over the UK.


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Difficult to say much more than, 'I agree'.

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