Monday, 30 July 2007

More Points on the Graph of Statism pt.3 - Cohabitation

Those pesky busybody interfering lawyers cannot resist trying to control everything via legislation.

The issue of cohabitation pops up again, with lawyers calling for "rights" for cohabitees. Such rights come with obligations, but an obligation on the other. Freedoms come with responsibilities.

People should be free to cohabit.

If people want rights as cohabitees under law this already exists - it is called a marriage license. £45 or so. These lawyers re just touting for business. Like the lawyer Tony Blair, they can see no solution except more daft law to interfere with our lives.

It might better that lawyers should have no say in the creation of new law, as they have a conflict of interest.

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Mark Wadsworth said...

Spot on, this is disgusting and a feast for lawyers.

I suggest that they keep their stupid noses out of cohabiting couples.

As married couples, there should be (as in other countries) a statutory 50/50 split of assets/liabilities on divorce, no right of either ex-spouse to maintenance (unless overidden by pre-nup) and a flat rate of child maintenance payable per child.

Who gets the children should be decided on the toss of a coin.

There, that's made marriage more attractive for men and divorce less attractive for women.

And tens of thousands of snoopers and lawyers can go f*** off as well.

And a swift, simple divorce will not pit the ex-spouses against each other for years, so is better all round, esp. for the kids.