Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Towards an EU Referendum

Gordon Brown has again mumbleswerved his way past a call by David Cameron at PMQ's today to have a Referendum on the EU Constitution Treaty.

The Referendum List is a project set up by Gawain Towler and Chris Mounsey a.ka. "Devils Kitchen". It seeks to ask each MP their stance on the call for a referendum and to post up the results.

It is a very rational approach which improves transparency, especially as it includes the "silence = no" clause, which is very sensible indeed. As such, Grabber Gordon should not be against it. But he will, for, underneath that dour, grumpy, introverted and autocratic Socialist exterior lurks the totalitarian mind of a raving Communist.

Go take a look.

For my part, I consider the "red lines" trumpeted by Blair and Brown to be "Maginot Lines" - ones that can be easily bypassed or rendered irrelevant. An example are the guarantees that Britain has supremacy in certain areas of British law. Alas, not much "British law" will be created as most of it will come from Europe. What disgusts me most is how the Conservatives have been singlualrly incapable of "tearing a new one" for the Treaty on such things. Although they do ask for a referendum, I doubt their capabilities at this time.

I should meet our EU negotiators because I have shares in a Jelly Mine that they might be interested in.

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