Monday, 23 July 2007

Look and Feel

I have revised the look and feel of the site to a less doom-laden countenance, eschewing what might appear to be an eco-friendly blackle look to a more polar-bear roasting look.

Frankly, considering most people view blogs via LCDs, the more light from the backlight set free is more likely to help REDUCE power consumption, not raise it, as an LCD is a subtractive form of display and a black rendering just shuts up the light behind closed pixels.

Just shows what a bunch of misguided numpties the eco-nazis are.

UPDATE: I have switched back to black for the moment, using the layout and font changes picked up as part of a fleeting Pipaluk moment. An aggressive, in-yer-face reminder of our Governments Fascist ambitions is an important point to make. A colour scheme can be considered distasteful, but in light of the hard, systematic, premeditated, cynical, authoritarian and treasonous actions by the Government, it is just a mirror exposing their crimes.


Henry North London said...

Personally I liked the rather brooding dark image... It rather confirmed the inevitable that the western world is looking to fasc`ism dressed up in new socialism and the famous Tony Blair's third way sheepswool clothing when in fact it is ravaging wolf meaning that our lives will never again be private affairs.

Henry North London said...

PS sorry bout typos and grammar

Phil A said...

Go on admit it - The primary motivation to change was because you didn't want to be branded an infra-green.

Roger Thornhill said...


The original scheme was indeed intended to be just that - cynical use of black, white and a hint of red.

It might be that I will revisit and see if I can bash this layout (wider) into a clearer but still brooding look.

Phil A,

I initially flaunted it as ironic, but I have had a few comments on readability so took the opo to have a tinker.

Roger Thornhill said...

I have revisited it. The new layout and most of the old colours.

I do like the way the red and green text floats on different planes. The first 3D blog?

Mark Wadsworth said...

That's a lot better.