Thursday, 27 November 2008

The "British Fritzl"

After "Baby P" we now have "British Fritzl", who got his daughters pregnant 19 times and used violence to enforce his will.

Many questions are being asked as to why the abuse could go on for so long. Well, you have to remember that under age girls pitching up at the GP pregnant with no sign of a young man in tow is sadly all too common these days. Everyone is more focused on providing their "entitlement" to think about other aspects of their lives, I suppose.

If ever there was an example of the corrupting nature of the Welfare State, this is it. Before the righteous get all steamed up (and they would rather get upset at those pointing out flaws in their religion, er I mean Welfarism than condemning the perp) I am not suggesting that Child Benefit turns you into a sociopathic serial incestuous molester. However, it cannot be denied that the benefits were a motivation for the births - though I would not think for a moment it could ever be an excuse for the rapes - and it cannot be denied that on the sliding scale that IS the human consciousness, people of a more, lets say, mercenary nature will see that kids bring cash so bring on more kids to a greater degree than others. Further, that those who ARE of a more mercenary nature or impuse driven are likely to be worse parents than those who have their impulses under control.

Under Libertarian Party proposals this financial motivation would be removed, as additional kids while on benefits would not bring additional money or housing (money, space, queue). It does not remove the lusts of an incestuous molester. I suspect only isolation will remove that from society with any surety.

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