Friday, 7 November 2008

A good fisk of Blears, except...

Over at The Peoples' Republic of Mortimer there is a good fisk of Hazel Blears' newspeech on blogging.

It covers most of the points I was about to make very well, so I will not bore you with a pale shadow. However, one slip was missed and in fact I do disagree with the posting's view.

TPRoM suggests that Hazel makes reasonable views about reducing careerism. 

I disagree. Blears presents a false dichotomy - Career Politicians or The Beast and other such "working class heroes". What utter twaddle. Tokenistic? Quota-filling? Social Engineering? You bet.

Next, and I would not put it past her, she will be proposing that all the MPs from all parties must conform to some quota system of ethnoclass pigeonholing and if you do not fit the bill, you will not be "eligible" to stand in any constituency, regardless of party.

Do not think that this is beyond the realms of possibility. Do not underestimate the control-freakery, the managerialist mindset and the utter contempt for freedom of these people.

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