Thursday, 27 November 2008

More Points on the Graph of Statism Pt.6: "Mutual Action, Common Purpose"

The Fifth Columnists Fabian Society and UnFreeThinking have published a new document by Rt. Hon David Blunkett, MP entitled "Mutual Action, Common Purpose: Empowering the Third Sector".*

This is not the first time this has occurred.

The doublethink and newspeak is right there in the title.

1. The mutual/charitable sector is the FIRST sector. Then came private commerce/trade, then the State. Of course, we have the Fifth Column, Fabians etc, in the mix, when not infesting the Fourth Estate. 
2. By definition, true and free mutualism does NOT have a "common purpose", but I suspect the term "common purpose" has more to do with Common Purpose. Mutualism has a plurality of purposes as decided by mutual consent of the willing volunteers or their elected representatives of each co-op in isolation OR co-operation/co-ordination occurs in a non-binding way as each unilaterally sees fit. 
3. The State cannot "empower" but it will control. If there is any "empowerment" resulting from State involvement, it is to empower the State to control and dominate yet another sphere of life. Think this will not happen? Well, if the State hands over taxpayers money it will feel duty bound and justified to interfere, as it now has a responsibility to do so, bootstrapped in by its funding. Therefore, the only rational way for Mutual and Charitable entities to remain as Mutual and Charitable entities is to reject State funding for,  should they not reject it, they will become QANGOs or State organs in all but name.

I am quite certain that the State looks enviously at the good works that truly independent Charities and Mutuals do. I do not include the shills such as NSPCC, OXFAM etc, who take the silver already and spend far too much of their time and donors' money lobbying the punchable faces in Westminster. Envy and control freakery. They covet, and we know what happens when people do that.

The document needs further reading to find out more, but if it tries to do good, it is on a hiding for nothing, paving the road to hell, for its initial premise is so utterly dysfunctional and wrong-headed.

* This document seems to be supported by the union Community. They have their regions, of course. I wonder how the boundaries came about?


Tom said...

This is the point where Common Purpose get their legitimacy.

Common Purpose have been training civil servants and key people for the past 10 years using taxpayers funds, yet will not open their books, nor say who they have trained and all their meetings work under the Chatham House rules.

Sinister it is, Dangerous most certainly.

Roger Thornhill said...

Common Purpose: The Masons for wankers.

Stop Common Purpose said...

You can find out more about Common Purpose here: