Friday, 29 June 2007

Brown begins carve-up of England

Gordon Brown has announced 9 Regional Ministers. Funny that they mirror the intended EU regions.

No, it is not funny. No, it is not surprising. The dismemberment of the UK, and England in particular, by stealth, has begun. Each minister, I suspect will immediately connect into the shadowy QANGOs that already exist behind the scenes sucking up vast amounts of cash for no benefit and wedging themselves between the people and their government.

We will get yet another layer in England. Once you have the Regions (Scotland, Wales and NI are already Regions, BTW - I suspect they do not quite know the implications of that yet) the purpose of Westminster is in question. This is the intention, I am sure - the argument is built up slowly and with stealth to present a check-mate. Westminster is outflanked, bypassed and then dismantled.

Their real intention is to create the big fat EU Superstate and get their pimply backsides into comfy positions resulting in luxuriant pensions and a protected existence as they are whisked to and fro, caring not for the lives of the people they ignore and exploit represent.

I did not think it was possible to despise Tessa Jowell more than I did, but I do. I suppose infinite contempt can always grow, can it not?

I am a citizen of the UK. I am NOT subject to the Regions. I regard their formation as a subversive and traitorous act.

In less than 48 hours, Gordon Brown has shown his true intent. My suspicions regarding a unilateral abandonment of Britain's nuclear capacity - essential if Britain is to be subdued if it decides to reject the EU - grow stronger. I knew they would set about it, but not so quickly. This is a cunning plan. Inamongst all the blizzard of appointments one more set of posts easily gets lost. The lumpen illitariat, bored already and reaching for their soaps, will not care. Misison accomplished?

UPDATE: As at 18:30, no sign of the appointments on the BBC. Speaks volumes.


Mark Wadsworth said...

At best this is complete and utter nonsense, and at worst it is what you say it is.

Presumably there'll be nice cosy Ministry offices in Whitehall with loads of people running round being paid handsomely for doing sweet FA.

NB there is no Minister for the South East ... yet?

Roger Thornhill said...

Tessa will cover the South East.

Mark Wadsworth said...

... with her big fat arse.

Phil A said...

I wish I thought you were wrong – but I fear you may not be. More of our increasingly enormous tax burden being consumed by these parasites in yet another layer of beurocracy shading over into kleptocracy. Would the Tories have the gut’s to get rid of these regions? I am not putting any money on it.

Little Black Sambo said...

Perhaps the south east is going to be swallowed up in France.

Roger Thornhill said...

IIRC, Kent has been earmarked for control by the trans-channel Peoples Representative Congress.