Tuesday, 19 June 2007

T-Mobile: Pull the other one...

...it makes my phone ring.

T-Mobile have obviously been reading from the New Labour Book of Spin (Das Neues Arbeitsbuch von Propaganda) when they attempt to present a rip-off as a benefit, a simplification:

From 26th September we're making the cost of browsing the whole Internet on your phone with web'n'walk simpler. Rather than pay for the amount you download until you spend £1, there will be a simple daily fee of £1 which gives you 24 hours unlimited browsing.

So...instead of up to £1, it will be £1 from the very first bit of information. Scumbags. That might be "simple" for the guys at T-Mobile, but to try and put it across as a benefit to the customer is disingenuous at best and downright INSULTING.

Message to T-Mobile: tell that shaved gibbon of a marketing wonk you employ that we are not fooled. Your plan was fair and sensible before. Now it is downright idiotic - people will shun your data services until they have a bunch to do, so instead of getting millions of pennies and some pounds you will just get even fewer pounds, moron.

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