Monday, 25 June 2007

Sociofascist Media on the Prowl pt.2

A report from Keele University talks about petty crime and, frankly, dishonesty amongst "middle classes".

Petty theft - e.g. pens and envelopes from employers, use of cash to avoid V.A.T. and not handing back too much change - is on the rise. The body count is rising.

What do they speculate as the reason? Loss of Welfare provision and protection by the State, miss-selling of pensions and mortgages basically, is their message. What. The.

I am disappointed that they did not protest about denial of "the means of production".

No, you imbecile, people pay cash because instinctively they feel they are paying far too much to Grabber Gordon. They lift pens. As if that has never happened. It also depends on how they classify "middle class" - I do suspect they classify it as white collar and the background of the population so described has changed over the years. It is not easy sneaking out a personal fax or three on a building site, is it? As for the ridiculous assertion about withdrawl of the State teat, it is more likely that people have got used to the corrupting effect of that teat that is the reason, not the withdrawl.

The bleating about miss-selling...oh my goodness, I could hardly hear his words for the sound of axes being ground.

Thankfully there was a lady with common sense on BBC Porridge this morning (did not catch her name) who basically suggested it was a result of excessive taxation and unfairness shown by the authorities. Whoosh as that went totally over their heads as they went "la la la". She also said that there were far more important crimes to focus on. Hear hear!

Yup - Blair and Co are dishonest parasites, so they set the example to an impressionable minority who do petty theft, so lets talk about them, not our traitorous leaders, nor the real violent yobs to systematically taunt then kill people for the crime of walking to the supermarket. Keele Uni - stick your head up a dead (polar) bear's bum. It will do us all some good.

Remind me to look more closely at anyone I hire from Keele, in case they try to take back the means of production using pens and threats of inflicting a paper cut to the nethers. Oh, and to see if they to are not a COMPLETE AND UTTER MORON.

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Mark Wadsworth said...


That was on BBC this morning and I thought what a complete and utter waste of time ... and money.

Whose money? Er, the taxpayers.

These reasearchers are paying themselves handsome salaries otu of OUR money to tell us what we knew already. Does that count as white collar crime?