Friday, 8 June 2007

Question: Is Organic "Green"?

I wonder if anyone dares find out if Organic produce creates significantly more CO2 than "normal" farming?

If it does, expect to be deafened by the sound of knickers being twisted.


Anonymous said...

Here is your answer, Roger. Enjoy!

Roger Thornhill said...

Thanks, David.

Interesting article and just the kind of think I suspected as being the case.

The Indi is not careful, though, as it assumes "global warming" instead of "higher CO2", which is not necessarily the same thing!

Food miles are another sledgehammer, as Kenyan mange tout may cause less CO2 than greenhouse heated local produce.

Phil A said...

Yes the organic food debate is strewn with pitfalls. It looks like it may be getting more complicated too as just being organic isn’t good enough anymore for the Soil association.