Friday, 22 June 2007

Yet Moron Education

The Devil and noble James Bartholomew make some focused posts on the appalling news that 25% of school-leavers leave with nothing valuable to show for it.

I need not repeat their views here, but only to say that if they leave with nothing, or even something that is worthless as GCSEs are rapidly becoming, then why keep them there 2 years longer?

I agree with James that the core problem is the State Monopoly. I am not a fan of monopolies.

It is criminal that this is allowed to happen. What is also criminal is the Educational Establishment - so blinkered by Statist and Sociofascist dogma that they are blind to it all. Such a group are not worthy and certainly not to be trusted to form policy or educate our children.

The Statists truly do wish to create a "Lumpen Illitariat" of juveniles. Not adults, juvenules.


Phil A said...

“then why keep them there 2 years longer?”

Why? Because that would make youth unemployment literally impossible for a large section of the youth of the UK - and reducing youth unemployment by 250,000 is one of Nu-Labs targets…

Roger Thornhill said...

Indeed. The question is rather rhetorical, as in there is no reason for the youth, but every reason for the State.

I am very much in favour of apprenticeships, but this needs to be voluntary. Enforced apprentice? Who is going to want such a person in their workplace?

The best way to ensure that NEETs change is to make it very clear they have no "Welfare Hammock".