Sunday, 24 June 2007

Sikh Regiment

I have long commented about my support for the formation of Sikh Regiment in the British Army. I think it would be an a excellent thing and I am very glad to see that my thoughts echo that of the Army itself and of the Sikh community. Alas, the Commission for Racial Exploitation Equality have nagged, bamboozled and guilt-tripped the powers that be into dropping the idea. For crying out loud this is not about saying "you, Mr Singh, can ONLY join this regiment", but that it is about honouring and recognising a group who have served so well in the past.

A throat says: "The creation of a separate regiment according to ethnicity would be segregation, which amounts to discrimination under the Race Relations Act. Anything that creates separation between regiments can only have a detrimental effect upon our Armed Forces' operational effectiveness."

If this is indeed how the Act would rule, then the act is irrational - it is an ass. It needs review, repeal or just pragmatic and rational use. However, seeing as we are talking lawyers, repeal and start again might be a better way.

Alas, the CRE do not wish to render themselves redundant, so their actions - often displaying an intent to patronise and kept racial groups in a subordinate position to further an egotistical and parasitical agendae - should always be viewed with suspicion....hold on a mo'! We have to PAY for these clowns!

I hope the publicity around this nonsensical decision will prompt a swift reversal.

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chairmann said...

Does this mean that the highland regt recruits troops outside scotland? I should think not. I know the Gurkhas are all nepalese troops and only the officers are European. The race story doesnt hold water.
Funny how the french havent thought of actively recruiting, retired Gurkhas and Sikhs, considering most retire by age 35. the legion would love em