Tuesday, 12 June 2007

PollyT: Babies who need big money and unflagging commitment

Yes, Polly, you are one of those babies, but I do not recognise your need as valid.

However, to the core issue. Has it ever occured to Polly to ask how many children in poverty were born into it by their parents?

Has it ever occured to Polly that it is the parents' responsibility, if it is anybody's, to prevent or lift their own children out of poverty, or even to think twice about having them?

Until the country stops paying the poor to have kids, the issue of child poverty will not go away until everyone else is so impoverished by the welfare and parasitical social services burden that the poor are joined by the rest of us and so the concept of relative poverty is meaningless. That is sociofascist policy, for sure.

I was going to go through Polly's article, but it contradicts itself, has false dichotomies, other nonsense, but most of all it has illogic and unreason in the face of such obvious evidence. And she is paid for doing that?


Phil A said...

There is a question as to what poverty actually is. It is certainly not the grinding level recalled in folk memory.

But re “…how many children in poverty were born into it by their parents?”

Absolutely - If not actually born into it, then carried into it later. By such things as Picking the wrong partner who then clears off at some point, having a child when the conditions were wrong, living in the wrong place, lack of marketable skills, lack of Drive, low educational attainment, taxation policy, the bank of england, bad luck, etc.

On Balance though - probably down to the parent in the majority of cases.

Also I agree if it is anyone’s responsibility it is the parent/s. See here

No – Sad to say, the most likely reason a child in the UK will find it’s self living in poverty is poor choice of parents…

Mark Wadsworth said...

Two words sum this up; "Voluntary" and "Poverty"