Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Further EU Authoritarianism - Common Immigration Policy

Now we have the EU wanting to decide a common immigration policy.

Under the flimsy guise of "helping out Malta" and other countries facing onslaught, the EU wants to internally "trade" such migrants.

The EU is talking utter nonsense. Making it easier for migrants means...more migrants, numbnuts! Of course, the EU would LOVE nation states to get weaker and to have large numbers of "thankful"§ voters who care not for the precise nature of the country they are in, so there are alternate motivations at play here. A further alternate motivation is to remove more sovereignty and interfere still further in the legal frameworks and judicial systems of member states.

Spain had a real problem in some of its tiny enclaves. A bit of stick, tough no-nonsense behaviour and huge publicity showing the chances of death or almost certain regurgitation back into the Sahara seems to have quietened that down a bit.

I am sure the Canary Islands had a similar "surge" when word got out to the people smugglers that this was a potential soft underbelly into Britain the EU. That rumour was firmly quashed, IIRC, and things are quieter. All strength to Spain's arm.

If Malta was seen as a conduit instead of a firm, no-nonsense Nation with true patriots willing to let illegals bob in the swell as the least-worst option available, it would become a doormat.

If the EU wants to wring its hands about mass economic immigration, for that is what this really is, not "asylum", then the best solution is to FIX THE COUNTRIES OF ORIGIN.

I'll say that again - the best way to fix this problem is to fix the countries of origin so those people have no real incentive to migrate. Yes, it means exposing China's duplicity in Africa. Yes, it means exposing the Kleptocracies and yes it does mean not feeding the arms trade. It also means not permitting "amnesties" at any time ever. Information travels too far and there are too many people "working the numbers" to allow such naivety to occur in such a crowded place as the UK.

Fix the problem, not the symptom. Migration is the symptom. Dysfunctional States are the problem.

What would Roger do? Well, I would create a special economic zone on or just off the W African coast free of the grasping hands of State, Army and Politicians. In that zone we have low taxes, very very strong Rule of Law - let us say we clone Hong Kong and let Africans have a shot at it under UK administration.

The zone would NOT permit people to enter the EU, but would permit those people to live under something approaching English Common Law and to be free to make money and live their lives. It might be tough to create it on the mainland, so one of the Canaries might have to be converted for the purpose (preferably not one that is about to slide its rocky butt into the Atlantic).

Now, how much would a 99 year lease on a defendable 1000sqkm of W African coastline (with river and port potential) cost, I wonder?

§ something given in such a way often results in contempt by the receiver for the giver. EU, you have been warned.


Mark said...

Brilliant, simple but brilliant.

Mark Wadsworth

Phil A said...

Excellent idea, the Hong Kong thing. Also good points re common policy.

Blogger said...

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