Wednesday, 6 June 2007

More Points on the Graph of Statism

Further to the ever increasing moves towards authoritarianism, I recall recently seeing on BBC's morning porridge serving (aka BBC Breakfast) a piece on organ donation. One of the guests was an almost cliche shrill eager and earnest but dangerous sort§ who wished that donation be "opt out, not opt in". Part of her argument was that in Europe this is very commonplace.

Well, of course it is common in Europe as even your ass belongs to the State unless they say otherwise.

English Common Law is pretty consistent on this issue - freedom unless said otherwise. Napoleonic Law in Europe is "No, unless we say so".

Maybe this is why they are trying to cut down on smoking and drinking, so the quality of organs they are lining up to harvest from us will be of a higher quality...

§ dangerous in that they sincerely believe they are doing others "good", and so have no qualms in doing them harm in other ways to achieve this "good".

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Phil A said...

“The road to hell”, as they say, “is paved with good intentions”

In my experience people who have an overly strong faith in anything can become dangerous when attempting to pass the benefits on to the less enlightened. Good old Tommy de Torquemada springs immediately to mind – save those soles baby. Then there are those nice ordinary Moslem boys, who blew up the underground.

Then there are the cases where they make something up or conceal something to convince you for your own good.