Friday, 22 June 2007

EU Treaty Changes - Blink and you will miss it

A reference to "free and undistorted competition" was pulled from the draft after French pressure late on Thursday, according to the Twelve Regions Broadcasting Corp BBC.

Instead, the treaty refers to "social cohesion" and "full employment".

Ok: "free and undistorted competition"...into "social cohesion" and "full employment".

Did you miss it? If you did, don't blink when you read it - stare very hard. Spot the difference, anyone?

"Social cohesion" read: "lumpen proles" and "dependent masses"

"Full employment" read: "Salaried unemployed".

"Free and undistorted competition" read: wealth, prosperity, social mobility, competitiveness in the face of global threats.

Clearly the concept of feee and undistorted competition is too much for old Nucklehead Sarkastic Nicolas Sarkozy to bear. Clearly he wants something around an Oligarchy?, a Merchantilist Cartel, perhaps?

With words like this the EU will die - the only choice the UK has is if it wants to join the Suicide pact EU Experiment.


Mark Wadsworth said...

I don't mind a bit of "social cohesion", you can take this to mean "people being happy with their lot in life and not begrudging others their wealth or their welfare handouts". In other words "social" refers to "society" rather than "socialism".

It's the phrase "social justice" that hacks me off, can somebody show me the "social injustice" that we're trying to combat? If young single woman has loads of kids, how is she a victim of "social injustice", that's her look-out, isn't it?

Roger Thornhill said...

I agree with your definition, which is when it comes from within sovereign people.

The issue here is when the State or SuperState thinks it can somehow create it.