Wednesday, 13 June 2007

More Points on the Graph of Statism pt.2 - Eviction

Now we have the Citizens Advice Bureau not being very smart.

They are calling for a change in the law (grief, soon they will want a change in the law for repainting the back bedroom) to prevent Landlords from evicting tenants who complain about the state of their accommodation (rented of their own free will, mind). In typical Sociofascist form they bleat that a tenant has the "right" to home improvements. Huh? I was right - a law about repainting the back bedroom!

If I am a Landlord renting out a grotty squalid damp, rat-infested hovel I am likely to be charging something in the "Hovel" pricing band, not the "Shagpalace" band. If I am forced to retain a tenant AND do repairs and renovation I am going to want to up the rent to "Tidyhome" or even "Shagpalace" levels. But I suspect the Landlord will be forced to keep the rental at the same level as before, which is absurd. If the Landlord remained free to raise it as high as they want to, which can force an eviction by default or, as this will almost certainly require, some new body to perform arbitration, price setting, inspection etc etc...oh good grief you can see where this is all heading, can't you - the nationalisation of the private rental market with price fixing, demands for licensing, control and sign off for improvements, enforced acceptance of "disadvantaged" or "deprived" "family units" etc etc.

Frankly, those Sociofascists have failed to provide housing so are now going to set about removing or controlling any alternative that exists so as not to expose their own shortcomings.


Phil A said...

No I can't argue there. The comment is just to sho I am paying attention ;-)

Mark Wadsworth said...

Aah, yes, but we need rent controls to prevent BTL-ers from ruthlessly exploiting the poor disposessed, y'know, these evil BTL-ers are actually charging rents that nearly cover their interest payments? Shame on them!

Rent controls, 'cause the government knows best ...