Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Islamist Attempt at Gaining a Veto No.94

In respect to the Salman Rushdie getting a Knighthood, we have Lord Ahmed on the box asking for the honour to be withdrawn. As always, underneath the immediate issue is an attempt to drive in the wedge of veto over UK affairs.

If Lord A had any decency, he would state clearly that anyone trying to use this as an excuse for violence is an imbecile. Some might say that if he did he would be criticising himself...but I couldn't possibly comment.

In my view Lord A derives importance and status from "community issues". I suspect it is not in his interest to resolve such things but to have them rumble on as an open sore so he can continue to maintain his rice-bowl.

UPDATE: The Assembly of the North West Passage have (Khyber) passed a resolution saying the honour was part of a move to "hurt the feelings of Muslims". How on EARTH can they think they have the right to attribute the motives of others?

You cannot take offence if none was given.

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Mark Wadsworth said...

You are on top form today!