Wednesday, 27 June 2007

EU, Romania and Bulgaria - a Trojan Horse?

The EU is now bleating about high levels of corruption, contract killings and other shady activity in Romania and Bulgaria, two countries they badgered the existing members of the EU to take in.

It complains it has no powers to deal with it beyond refusing to recognise court decisions like arrest warrants or company law, complaining that this is like only using our missile against our own navy. Diddums.

I am certain the issue was known before. It begs the question - why let them in in the first place? Why allow dodgy states with such a feeble application of the Rule of Law inside the gates, as it were? You hose the wellies down outside the kitchen door, not in the middle of the living room floor.

To me the strategy is clear. The EU will now ask itself for more powers to clean up and "take charge" of these two countries and in the process gain the power to "take charge" of any Nation they choose. They have messed something up so they can "fix it" to suit their own agenda.

Typical Sociofascists.

p.s. Seems Sarkozy is to push for less British jobs in Airbus. The ink is not dry, yet the mask starts to slip.


Phil A said...

I suspect you are absolutely correct here.

Re the airbus. Do you suppose it is Just the French PM doing his job and stitching the UK up to protect French workers - or a threat of what may happen if Gordon caves in to a referendum?

Roger Thornhill said...

I think it is the French looking after their own National interests. It is they who pushed to take out the clause to ensure free and fair trading inside the EU, i.e. they want to intervene and selectively protect their own interests over and above the EU.

The big problem is our negotiators are either foolish, naive or self-loathers. Some might say all three.

Mark Wadsworth said...

I always said that Sarko would be just as bad as Sego, only not as good looking.

On R & B, you are quite possibly right.

Phil A said...

Re Negotiators: Probably all three.