Saturday, 23 June 2007

The EU Monster is Revealed

Shaved Gibbon No1 and Shaved Gibbon No2 have decided to sign the latest EU Constitution Treaty which, according to these guys, (hat tip, Iain Dale)is basically the EU Constitution in a Cinderella outfit. Not long past midnight it will rapidly revert to its true form. It basically enables the EU to speak for the UK in international fora, veto almost any national decisions, force Napoleonic legal structures upon us, control energy, ENERGY!, transport, welfare, immigration...well, just about anything. Any remaining "Maginot red lines" to me appear to be easily undermined or out-manaeuvered at will. Anyone who thinks we are protected by them is an utter fool.

In recognition of the abysmal, undemocratic, authoritarian Statist, Sociofascist Superstate of 27 that will hopefully soon be just 26 puppet governments Nations I have created a flag in the name of transparency and mutual understanding.

The New European UberReich Union Flag

I hope the UK or at worse, England, will revert to a trading relationship with the EU and that all the other countries do likewise, e.g. Lativa, Lithuania, Poland, The Czech Republic, The Netherlands, who I hope will soon see the EU as the rotten apple it is.

"We are with Europe, but not of it. We are linked but not comprised. We are associated but not absorbed. And should European statesmen address us and say, 'Shall we speak for thee?', we should reply, 'Nay Sir, for we dwell among our own people'." - W.S. Churchill


Ed said...

What about if it's Blair who wants to speak for all 27?

Roger Thornhill said...

Then he will be left speaking for 26.

Phil A said...

The flag says a lot. Unfortunately. Good job, may I make use of it at some point please?

I am absolutely spitting feathers over the zombie constitution rising from the dead, thanks to some unholy work by Merkel.

See here for comments in more detail.

This is not democracy, this is more like divine right of kings.

Roger Thornhill said...

Phil, I posted the flag so people might see and use. Let people know of it and why - e.g. it has 26 stars...the point being we must leave.

I am also finding it hard to articulate as there is SO MUCH I am furious about. It is an UTTER betrayal. Gordon was on with Marr this morning and as usual that toadie let him get away with all manner of "red line" bullshit. Some journalist. Marr is as MORE of a traitor for he has a responsibilty to expose the scum.

Phil A said...

Roger, Thanks - A useful modification/alternative to the image might be the addition of the red /O, of no smoking/ Ghostbusters fame, superimposed over it as a roundel.

As you say it is difficult to really express just how really !Arg !! It is the absolute betrayal of the democratic process. Of the parliamentary process. Of political Hah! Promises in manifestos. Betrayal of duty…

They really don’t seem to give a damn. It’s a case of: “Shut up sonny and be quiet while we grown ups get on with doing important stuff.” And it is like a zombie film because it seems as if nothing will stop their march…

Right - I’ll go and take my medication now ;-) Damn I’m annoyed!

Henry North London said...

Nice Flag

Much better than the halo of stars