Wednesday, 21 November 2007

A brief flicker of, hold on...

Via The Daily Brute, we hear in the Daily Mail that Paul Grey, the Chairman of HM Revenue & Customs did not actually resign as a matter of honour over the scandalous loss of the personal details of all 25m families in the UK, but is , instead, retained on full salary pending his haggling to retire on a full pension.

Basically, translated, it means, instead of "I resign", with loss of post, salary, pension etc due to the terrible screw up, as a way off accepting the responsibility and out of honour, we have "I pretend to resign until a deal is done abdicating me from all hassle and guaranteeing my cosy life", i.e. with no loss of pay, retention of pension - i.e. he ducks out of ANY responsibility and floats away at our expense into a life of comfort. I expect to see this parasite on the board of a few QANGOs in the near future.

Utterly bare-faced shameless. Such actions are indicative at the corruption and behaviour at the top in Government. The Blair and Brown establishment have created an environment where such actions are seen as worthwhile chancing, asking for and have the likelihood of success, or at least little chance of any consequences if the audacity is not successful.

In any heirarchy, the source of corruption and modus operandi comes from the top down. The culture of an organisation is set from the top. The source, cause and blame for this outrageous behaviour lies with Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

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