Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Simon Heffer on The Union

SH exposes the Scottish Raj and makes another case for breaking up the Union and forming an English Parliament.

Some do question if Alex Salmond is being honest in his sabre-rattling over independence, i.e. it is just a haggling position for more money and power but remain safe within the Union. Much as I do not want to see an end to the Union, that would be a shame, for it would mean yet another insincere, disingenuous politician.

We can have the Union with an English Parliament, but even if we do not, the key here is to utterly reject the traitorous moves by some to try and create Regions. They already exist in the form of QUANGOs (doing what of value, pray tell, except give cosy sinecures for jumped up councillors and failed nobodies?) and as such, they should be disbanded and the employees fired, with no golden parachutes, mind.

It is not Scotland I want to be rid of, but bad politicians, Statism and undemocratic processes. If people arrange it so that England must disconnect from or disband the Union, then so be it. It may end up being a lantern for the oppressed in Europe once again, after the benighted people wake up and realise they have been Collectivised by Stealth via the Autocratic and undemocratic EU political elite.


Phil A said...

I agree. This was my position in a discussion a week or so back, over the Tory suggestion of English votes for English MPs.

Someone was promoting the idea of the regions. A New-Lab supporter as they were against the Tory suggestion because they thought it would boost the Tories.

At least it has the merit of not adding yet another parasitic layer of politicians and civil servants to our already groaning tax burden. Personally I would like to see the Scottish and Welsh assemblies/parliaments disbanded and the same solution applied there with Scottish MPs voting on Scottish Matters and welsh MPs voting on welsh matters.

Roger Thornhill said...

MSPs/AMs are the extra tier. Get the MPs of those areas into those chambers to discuss and sack the AM/MSP layer.

Either those MPs remain in those chambers 24/7, or they migrate to London to discuss Union matters, in my view.

The big issue is that we need to prevent New Labour worming in Regions as elected entities. We need to keep them as QANGOs so at some stage they are just DISBANDED.

Phil A said...

with you 110% on the regions.