Friday, 2 November 2007

Northern Rock: More bailouts

Good grief, Sociofascists never learn.

£20 bln on its way to Northern Crock and another £10bln likely to be used to buy up sub-prime garbage until some "investor" gets the entire portfolio for thre'pence ha'penny. This will be because the "simple shopper" that is the State loses its bottle, broons its troos and caves in to a fire sale at OUR EXPENSE. Witness, I predict, the buyer turn around the deal and make billions in profit as the assets are either disposed of or otherwise handled properly.

Gordon Brown and his "mini-mean" Darling have just created a Nationalised version of Farepak, and we are the losers compelled, on pain of imprisonment, to pay.

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John East said...

Bailouts probably make perfect sense to Brown. Globalisation/capitalism loses face, which is cheering news for the fools who vote socialist; the ruling elite get their profits and bonuses, as they knew all along that they would; and the next scam to defraud us all can be hatched secure in the knowledge that when the proverbial hits the fan the guilty will once again be compensated or given huge payouts to retire.

Brown gets votes from all concerned, victims and perpetrators alike, whilst the herd grumble amongst themselves and cough up more tax to keep the show on the road.

Sorry if I sound cynical. In fact I'm quite comfortable with the way things are. I would change things if I could, but as I can't, I'm happy to sit back and earn money by investing in a future of ever rising commodity and gold prices.