Friday, 16 November 2007

UK Taxpayers to fund 7m EU Training places.

Frank Dobson was on Daily Politics today and he did the best he could, but the poor chap could not hide the fact that the latest Government "scheme" for training people is a disaster in the making. Due to EU law, the taxpayer funded "7m training opportunities" "for British workers" can be taken up by anyone in the EU and there is nothing anyone can do about it, not even the employer.

Frank did try and suggest that employers would select people locally, but he surely knows that is actually against the law now, due to traitorous scumbags like him and his self-loathing Sociofascist lickspittles who have capitulated to the EU and allowed it, not the UK Parliament, to decide what happens here.

So, we are to be forced to fund the training of people from outside the UK. Dobson says hardly any will come, but then they said only around 15,000 people would come from the new EU member states.

They really are traitorous scumbags. If it were Frank Dobson's own personal money on the line, he'd think twice, but it is not AND he is just an also-ran lackey who will do anything to retain is position on the greasy pole.


Mark Wadsworth said...

Totally agreed, as per ususal.

Phil A said...

Roger, As you point out - this scheme can’t just be used to just train British workers. Then there is the small matter of,as I understand it, the fact that a chunk of the places announced have already been announced at least once before…

On a related subject (tax) I would really welcome comments on a post I have done on taxation - and it has to be said Roger, you are pretty sharp when it comes to finding wishful thinking and holes in arguments.