Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Daily Politics & PMQs

Three things.

1. Vince Cable is becoming the Leader the Lib Dems cannot (immediately) have. Classic lines from an intelligent man who does not always come across as a complete git. For weeks he has been coming in with well crafted, hard to brush off questions for Gordon on Northern Rock, soldiers, ID. As others have said, ridicule is a great weapon against both Islamists and Sociofascists.

2. Huhne, one half of the upcoming disappointment - one half of the Lib Dem's leadership "false dichotomy" - had a delicious spat with Health Minister Bradshaw, who was jabbing Huhne about their own donations fiasco. Raw nerve? Well Huhne set about Bradshaw like a Jack Russell playing with its favourate busted tennis ball, accusing the Labour Party of selling honours and when Brashaw retorted, Huhne, all wild eyed and ruddy cheeked, said "sue me". Now, many would say that most Labour ministers deserve being convered in puncture wounds and canine saliva, but this was a bit uncool for a prospective leader. Calamity Clegg and Havago Huhne are no match for Vince "steel" Cable.

3. If that Daily Politics cameraman tries that again, I am seriously tempted to go round there and punch him up the "frote"§. He knows what he was up to. BEHAVE.

§ throat.

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