Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Policy by Screw-up?

At the same press conference attended by Jon Snow and in the same subject over the funding scandal, the resignation (why not sacking?) of Peter Watts over the David Abrahams donations, I saw the Daily Mirror hack ask if this underhand and likely illegal behaviour is justification for enforced public State funding of Political Parties.

Are we now seeing a series of dramatic failures being used to entrench the problems? This is a manifestation of both the "I screwed up so I am best placed to fix it" meme that has been wormed into popular consciousness during this government and the "intentionally break to 'fix' it" idea so beloved of Socialists. Bastards.

UPDATE: How come the Labour Party wants to return the £400,000, yet UKIP's admin blunder, innocent in comparison, was set to have the donation snaffled by the State. One Rule for the Corrupt Leaders, in their Halls of Shame...

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Mark Wadsworth said...

You have to read sections 54 to 66 of the PPERA 2000.

AFAICS it says that Treasurer commits an offence if donations report doesn't say real donor (hurray!), but it doesn't say that donations where true donor is not reported are forfeit (boo!).