Tuesday, 27 November 2007

NeueArbeit bildet Scheiße

Iain Dale does a very good post on the New Labour donor-by-proxy situation.

Is there no end to their utter contempt for the law, common decency, the electorate or our society?

As I have said before, New Labour have had their "moral compass" demagnetised long before they entered govenment in 1997.

I really do think that this increases the chances of a Labour split between the more honourable kind and the Political Classes that infest most parties these days. Gordon Brown will be caught between two stools, but as he is half-arsed he will end up on the floor. When the split happens, watch for musical chairs in the entire centre groud.

p.s. Iain also reveals (hat tipping Guido) that Harridan Harriet Harmann has also received money via intermediaries...and she is/was supposed to be responsible for our Constitution. It is more than enough to make you weep.

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