Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Another death by thugs, aided and abetted by the State.

A.K.A. "Hang a Hoodie"

The Tragic death of Mr Newlove at the hands of cowardly spawn of feckless cowards.

The comment thread of a sound article by Jan Moir is worth a read. People are sick to death of this. All the main political parties have their dabs on this crime.

Cards on the table.
  • Poverty does NOT excuse crime. To say so is an insult to the poor, as is much of what the Sociofascsists get up to.
  • The prevailing Police, government, CPS, Court system puts the perpetrator above the victim. This has to stop.
  • Message to the Police: Please ignore the Sociofascist delusionals, their PC nannying and infestation of paperwork and targets and go back to what I am sure you prefer doing: to maintaining law and order and preventing crime by being out on the beat.
  • Message to the CPS: remember the phrase "in the public interest"?
  • The feckless, aggressive, impatient and basically disturbed youth and "parents of the future" are a product of the Welfare State, let nobody mislead you otherwise.
Parents can let their kids run riot and, all too often they have the same "landlord", the State, who does little or nothing to impose any form of consequence on them. The population are no longer "permitted" to respond due to the political, police and legal mindset which will take the word of a yob over and above a law abiding citizen.

Some of many possible steps forward:

1. Evict and deny in future State housing and benefits to the households of yobs. TELL everyone this will happen and DO IT publicly and rapidly "pour encourager les autres".
2. No increases in housing allocation or benefits to those already dependent who increase the size of their families. This includes the girl living at home who decides to have a baby. They and their parent(s) are responsible for funding and housing, NOT ME. A safety net? yes. Multigenerational hammock? NO.
3. Home owners and shopkeepers should be free from arrest and counter charge when attacked/robbed unless there is proper evidence.
4. Any stabbing = attempted murder. No excuses, not even ignorance.
5. Any group (2+ people) attacking a person on the ground = attempted murder. No excuses, not even ignorance.
6. We need our traditional laws upheld, not yet more legislation.

I firmly believe that 90% of these creatures can be reformed into decent, hardworking, law abiding citizens if they are taught the concept of consequence and taken out of their dysfunctional environments. Not theoretically, not by "community service", but via direct, consistent, firm, fair and, if necessary, brutal action. If it means a form of National Service, a systematic, rolling "Bad Lads Army", then so be it.

This problem would be bad enough just with the Welfare State, but the prevailing attitude and behavour of the legal system is making matters far worse than they would otherwise be.


Patrick said...

Its what you get when you turn the state into a surrogate family.

38% of 16 year olds live with one or less of their birth parents..and climbing.

Mark Wadsworth said...

Rog, that'd all go into the MW manifesto, only I major on tax/welfare, not law'n'order. I'll sneak in what I can.

Roger Thornhill said...


Yes, the State is an appalling 'parent' - it wants to keep people infantilised and acting like spoilt toddlers. Goal achieved.


Don't worry, all this is already in or will be in an updated Roger's Manifesto that will be appearing at some stage.